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Athletics Calendar

For the schedules of athletic games and practices, click here: Schedule Galaxy.  Directions for downloading the Schedule Galaxy app appear below.

Mobile Device


  1. Go to the APP store and download ScheduleGalaxy
  2. If you would like notifications from ScheduleGalaxy select "Allow" on the pop-up screen
  3. Click on "All Schools" then "List of Schools" and select "Harrison"
  4. You will see the schedule for all athletic teams.
    *If you would like to view and receive notifications for only a specific athletic team(s):
    1. a. Click on "Subscriptions" on the bottom menu
    2. b. Click on "Add first subscription"
    3. c. Select "Harrison" from the list of schools
    4. d. Select "Boys or Girls"
    5. e. Select the team(s) and level(s) that you are interested in subscribing to
  5. Close the App. Re-open the App to view subscribed team(s) schedules. (If you do not see the selected team(s), refresh the screen).
  1. Visit the Harrison Central School District Website, click on Athletics.
  2. Select the Athletic Calendar to view full Athletics Calendar.
  3. You can register for an account, login to an existing account or just view the entire athletics schedule.
  4. Use the Quick Toggle in the upper left-hand corner and choose the team you’re looking for by entering the sport and level.
  5. Get full team schedules, game details and directions.
  6. Once logged on, at the top right-hand corner above the team schedule you will see the "Subscribe to Schedule" icon. Do this for every team for which you want to subscribe to see schedules and receive updates.
  7. You will see the schedules you’ve subscribed to on the left-hand side of the homepage on the computer.