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Principal's Message 8/27/21

Dear LMK Families,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer with family and friends.  On behalf of the entire LMK learning community, welcome to those families who are new to our school.  The faculty, staff, and I  look forward to building a partnership and long-lasting relationship with you and your children.  

Members of our faculty and staff have worked diligently throughout the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year to ensure the most engaging, highest quality instructional program for your children. Many faculty also participated in professional development to refine their practice and learn innovative ways to enhance student learning.  An unprecedented number of students enrolled in the District Summer Programs taught by Harrison teachers. The summer programs offered students a wide variety of enrichment and academic opportunities and provided social experiences to deepen connections among students. Our intention is to build upon our spring and summer successes and create as normal a school year experience as possible.

We are excited to welcome all students back for in-person learning every day. The first day of school is Thursday, September 9th. 

Please read the following information about the opening of LMK Middle School carefully. Important health and safety information regarding the upcoming school year can be found on the 2021-22 School Opening webpage.

Safety Protocols:

The District has developed a plan for opening school that prioritizes a welcoming, safe, in-person learning environment for our students, faculty, and staff. The plan is based on guidance from the New York State Education Department (NYSED), Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Association of Pediatrics (AAP), and Westchester County Department of Health (WCDOH).  It includes health and safety protocols to ensure a safe opening and reduces the likelihood of quarantine and school closures.

  • All students, faculty, staff, and visitors are required to wear face masks at all times while in school buildings and on school buses, even if fully vaccinated. Parents are asked to supply two-ply face masks for their children.  HCSD will supply face masks to any student who does not have one. 

  • Students are not required to wear face masks while eating/drinking, while outdoors at recess, while physically distanced during mask breaks, or as a result of a disability or medical condition that prevents them from wearing a face mask.  

  • At least 3 feet of physical distance between students will be maintained in classrooms.  In addition to indoor mask-wearing, the district will continue to use air filtration systems and provide daily disinfection to reduce risk of transmission. A distance of 6 feet will be maintained while eating or drinking (i.e., during lunch). 

  • NEW: Parents are not required to fill out a daily screening questionnaire if your child does not have any COVID-19 symptoms.  However, If a student has one or more COVID-19 symptoms, parents must:

    • keep their child home from school, 

    • notify the school nurse by completing the confidential COVID-19 Reporting Form on the district website, and consult with their doctor. 

    • Students may return to school when they are symptom free and they have either (1) a doctor’s note indicating they do not require a COVID-19 test or (2) a negative COVID-19 PCR test result.

Safety Notifications for Parents: Parents are encouraged to download the CrisisGo app to receive timely safety notifications.  Click here for instructions about how to download the CrisisGo app.


The administrative team at LMK is here to partner with you.   Our two assistant principals divide each grade alphabetically for student support.    Our new assistant principal, Ms. Cipolla, works with students and families in the first half of the alphabet (A-L), and Mr. Scott Spector is  responsible for the second half of the alphabet (M-Z). This system provides direct contact for you and a consistent approach in supporting your child’s academic, and social-emotional development while at LMK. .  Each assistant principal will work closely with your child’s guidance counselor, teams of teachers, and support staff.   Although we divide the grade for more focused attention, all administrators at LMK are here for all students and families.  I am pleased to welcome our new assistant principal, Ms. Jennifer Cipolla, to LMK.  Ms. Cipolla was previously an English Language Arts teacher in the East Northport School District.  She is excited to get to know you and your children.

Instructional Program:

We are excited to begin our first year as a fully accredited  International Baccalaureate Middle School (IBMYP),  after successfully completing the candidacy phase.  The IBMYP is a framework of learning that encourages students to become creative, critical, and reflective thinkers, and to make connections between their studies and the real world.   Supporting the IB learner profile is embedded in our curriculum and teaching in all classes.  You can find more information about the IB Middle Years Programme on the LMK webpage.   

Students will spend their three years at LMK learning and experiencing courses from eight  IBMYP subject groups, allowing them to explore and find their strengths and interests.  This exploration will guide them towards the best decisions for future pathways in high school.  Our instructional program includes team-based classes (ELA, social studies, math, and science) and classes that are cross-teamed (art, music, physical education, digital design, information literacy (grade 6), health (grades 7 & 8), technology design and world languages). In addition to our IBMYP program course of study, academic, social, and emotional support resources are available for students.  Support is provided through an extensive response to intervention (RTI) system that includes data analysis, team-based strategies, support specialists, and our school-based support team of guidance counselors and psychologists.

You can find information about the use of electronic devices, and other resources, including school supply lists, by visiting our school website. You will find many items on the LMK Middle School web page under the section titled information for parents.  Students will receive locker assignments on the first day of school in their homebase.

School Hours and Drop off/Pick Up procedures:

School hours are 7:48 AM to 2:40 PM.  The day cycle, period schedule, and delay schedules can be found here.  Please review the safety guidelines for drop-off and dismissal from LMK to ensure your child’s safe arrival and dismissal each day. 

Powerschool Parent Portal  

Please review the forms sent electronically or on the parent/student portal, carefully with your child, and complete them as soon as possible.   You received a portal login when your child was in elementary school, which you also use throughout middle school and high school.   Please go to the parent/student portal and follow the prompts to fill out each form.   You will find the forms by clicking the icon on the bottom of the column on the left side of the screen.   Please make sure you use a computer to log in as the phone App will not work until the school year begins. If you need to reset your Powerschool account or need the information to create a new one, click here and fill out the jotform.  You may also email for assistance at The portal will have student schedules available on August 27th.   Your child’s team is referenced by the letter in parenthesis next to the homebase (for example- room 172(L) will mean your child is on team L).

Student Schedules:

Student schedules will be available on the portal on August 27th.  Please make sure you use a computer to log in as the phone App will not work until the school year begins. A printed copy will be distributed at the 6th-grade orientation and for all students in homebases on the first day of school.  You do not need to print the schedule in advance.  Students will need to know their homebase classroom for the first day of school, found next to your child’s homebase on his/her schedule.  The letter next to the room number represents the team assignment.   If you have any questions, you may call or email your child’s guidance counselor.


Lunch and recess are integral to social/emotional learning and provide an opportunity for students to form connections and build community. We recognize the importance of these interactions during lunch and recess and have developed protocols to ensure student safety while playing with their classmates. 

-Lunch:  During lunch periods, students will be eating in multiple areas throughout the school on a rotating schedule.  These areas include the Cafeteria, LGIR, Library, and gymnasium A.

-Recess: Students will not be required to wear a mask during outdoor recess. Students will be discouraged from large congregations.

Facilities Upgrades:

Each summer, our custodial and building, and grounds teams work diligently to prepare the LMK Middle School building for the opening of school.  This year we have made improvements to our gymnasiums and outdoor areas for recess.  Gymnasiums A and B have their walls refaced and painted.  The outdoor blacktop was redone and provides an improved outdoor space for morning line-up and recess during lunch.


Several important events occur during the last weeks of August through September.  These events are designed to provide you and your child with information about our programs and ease the transition to middle school.  Our orientation dates are below; additional events can be found on the district calendar and the LMK website. Please remember students are required to wear face masks while in school buildings. 

7th/8th grade New Student Orientation, Monday, August 30th, 9:00-10:00 AM

This orientation is only for 7th and 8th-grade students who are new to LMK.  We will meet in the library or outside (weather permitting) to review important information.  All new 7th and 8th graders are encouraged to attend.

6th-grade Orientation, Tuesday, August 31st, 9:00-10:00 AM

This program is part of our 6th-grade orientation program, and we will review schedules and help students acclimate to their new school environment.  Psychologists, counselors, administrators, and teachers will be present to support your children. Only students may attend this event, and to ensure social distancing and space, each team will be assigned a specific location.  We recognize that some of you will be away and thus are unable to attend.  All the orientation materials will be reviewed with students during the first week of school.

Please review the safety protocols for these events with your child.  Protocols must be adhered to by all students attending the event: 

  • Students must wear their masks at all times when inside the school building. 

  • Students must  keep appropriate physical distance from peers at all times.  

Student dismissal will be staggered. Students exit the building and return to your vehicle approximately one hour after the orientation begins.  Pick-up will occur on the same side of the building where your child was dropped off.  We ask that you park in one of the parking spots in that lot or along the walkways.

School Calendar

School activities and events are listed on the District Calendar.  We will attempt to host as many in person events as possible. However, parameters and protocols for school events may change to ensure the health and safety of students, family and staff. 

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The LMK PTA is a wonderful organization that supports students in all aspects of the school.  Meetings are held monthly and can be found on the district calendar.   The PTA presidents are Regina Salemo and Lisa Siega.  You can find their welcome back letter here. We encourage you to join the PTA using the membership form found here.


Our school nurse is Mrs. Fiorenza.  If your child has any medical concerns, allergies, or a history of medical problems, please email her at  Please make sure your child is up to date on all immunizations. 

School Lunch Program:

In late August, you will receive information in the mail about the Harrison school breakfast and lunch programs.  This will include how to enroll and use the lunch prepayment system Myschoolbucks.

Bus Transportation

If your child is eligible for busing, this information will be sent to you by the Transportation Office.  If you have any questions about the bus schedule, please call the Transportation Office at 630-3303. 

Students must wear face coverings while on school buses.  To the extent practicable, students will be seated with siblings and will maintain 3 feet of social distancing from other students. The District encourages parents to transport their children to/from school when possible.

The first day of school is Thursday, September 9th.   I look forward to continuing to build our parent-school relationship.  Your feedback is important to me; please do not hesitate to call (630-3031), email (, or schedule an appointment with me if you have specific issues that you would like to discuss.  You may also contact one of our assistant principals (630-3034 or 630-3039) or subject directors when questions arise.  I wish you and your child an exciting school year.


Scott Fried